Phillip King
December 14, 1987 – January 3, 2017

Phillip Richard King who was born on December 14,1987

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Phillip King

A Celebrated Life Can Never Be Forgotten
Celebrating the Life of
Phillip King
Dedicated By Mr.&Mrs. Steven King
August 29, 2017 - 11:30 AM
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"Remembered for the life I lived and the life I gave."
- Author Unknown

We were blessed with Phil for 29yrs. He suddenly passed away 01/03/2017. We enjoyed his enthusiam and fun loving personality.He will always be forever in our hearts and we will never forget  his dazzling smile. We are proud of him for being able to give the Give of Life by filling out the disignated section on his driver's license to be a donor. His generosity was immeasurable. His spirit is with us everyday.

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